The Taylor Machine is a fictitious political machine depicted in Frank Capra’s 1939 classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  Jim Taylor is a communications tycoon that controls every media outlet throughout his home state, giving him incredible influence over all local, state, and federal politicians from that state.  Any attempt to denounce him or any policies he endorsed never saw the light of day.

I think this plot fits in nicely with what we deal with in the United States of America today.  The news networks spend hours and days and weeks and years telling us the good and bad pertaining to all of our elected politicians; but who keeps them in check?  The news networks, similar to our elected officials, don’t necessarily answer to the American public.  They have an agenda, or a narrative, that they must protect at all cost.  Please believe me when I say that journalism is not objective; it is biased toward the man in the shadows holding the money bags.  The present day media tries to convince us who to like, who to dislike, who to believe, what to wear, what to buy, what to say, and especially how to vote.  The Taylor machine doesn’t want to report the news; it wants to form your opinions for you and have you act on them.  Please take everything you read and see with a grain of salt; including this website.

Who am I?  My name is Wesley Wolfe.  I have lived my entire life in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains nestled in western North Carolina.  I have seen many of the mountain ranges in this amazing country, and they are wondrous indeed.  However, although not as large or grandeur, the mountains here are much more majestic and magical.  There is a silence on top of a ridge that will bring a moment of serene peace only imagined in tales of the late world, and the wind whispers to your soul about the spirits burrowed in the great formations of rock.  It is my home.  When I imagine what heaven might look like, it resembles what I see daily.

I am married to an unbelievable woman who has my entire heart.  We have been blessed with three beautiful boys who are well behaved and listen to every word we say with a smile on their face.  That’s an absolute lie.  It is very easy to get distracted from what is really important in life, but my amazing family does a really nice job keeping me grounded.

What is this blog all about really?  I am very passionate about politics and I enjoy discrediting the Taylor machine for its lies and misguidance.  It’s almost too easy these days.  But I like to dig a little deeper than that.  I will be writing about local events, national events, inspirational situations, and sometimes I might sprinkle some sports in there if I so desire.  My goal is to relate to as many people in this great country as possible, and to remind them that the majority of us have more in common than not.  The Taylor machine wants us to divide ourselves: white versus black, rich versus poor, and male versus female.  I wish to see us all come together like never before, using love, tolerance, and forgiveness as our weapons.

It isn’t really fair to ask you to read my posts without letting you know where I stand on a few issues.  These are some of the things I am most passionate about:

  • I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and that he died for our sins.  I believe He truly has a purpose for all of us.
  • I believe that abortion is insanely immoral and should be classified as homicide; I don’t understand how anyone who has seen or held a newborn child could ever support something as grotesque as abortion.  It is a stain upon our nation like no other.
  • I believe every person in this country has a chance to succeed; regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or sexuality.  The greatest enemy any person has lies within.
  • I believe the majority of politicians in Washington, regardless of party, have failed us miserably.  It is time to wipe the slate clean.  Term limits would be a good place to start.
  • I believe that the most powerful and dangerous entity of our time is the news networks.  Take caution at all times when digesting information.
  • I believe our government is irresponsible with our hard earned money.  I believe the government has an agenda to work against the private sector; not with.
  • I believe the climate is changing; daily.  I also believe that the government and the Taylor machine use the idea of “climate change” to literally control our lives.  They want to make us feel guilty for destroying the Earth and then make you feel remorseful when you buy a gas guzzling truck.  They want to control which lights you put in your home, what you consume, how you dispose of it, how much you travel, and so on.  In the 1970s we were headed for an ice age.  In the 1990s we had global warming.  Now, since neither of those seemed to stick, the Taylor machine calls it “climate change” so that no matter what happens with the weather, it’s our fault as greedy humans destroying and taking more than we need.  I’m not buying.
  • I believe that the power of solar energy is extremely underappreciated and underutilized.  As costs go down, I think we will see a surge of solar panels throughout the country.  The science behind it will improve.
  • I believe in the Constitution.  I believe it should be followed, especially by our elected officials that promised to uphold it.
  • I believe in my family, and I believe in myself.  I believe in every human being in this country and every human being in the world.  There is good in all of us.  Remember, if you go looking for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will.
  • I believe that the Miami Dolphins WILL win another Super Bowl before I die.  I believe.

Please feel free to comment and criticize on anything posted on this website.  I encourage both.  It will only help me grow.  Please contact me if you feel any information I provide is incorrect.  As Colin Cowherd states often, I want to “get it right, not be right.”  Thank you for any time you invest into reading my posts and I hope you enjoy what I have to say; whether you agree or not.

Thank you.  God bless.




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