The Evil Continues

I know.  I hear you.  You’re getting tired of hearing about the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress accusing Planned Parenthood of illegal activity.  It seems like we get a new video every week or so, and it would be nice if it just disappeared so we can focus again on pictures of our kids on vacation and what our cute little dog did to the kitchen.  Well, if you’re tired of hearing about Planned Parenthood, then you might as well stop reading this post.  In fact, I have no intention of ceasing my opinions on this topic until Planned Parenthood is completely defunded by the United States government.  You may be tired of people like me caring too much, but I’m personally tired of too many people not caring enough.

The latest video exposing Planned Parenthood was released this morning, and as always, it’s horrific.  Holly O’Donnell, a former procurement technician, describes in detail how she was involved in harvesting an intact brain from a baby.  Now listen to this.  O’Donnell states that the technician working with her had a completely intact baby.  She then taps the chest of the child with a tool, and guess what?  The heart starts beating.  The heart starts beating.  The child’s heart started to beat.  Nonetheless, the technicians continued to harvest the child’s brain by cutting up the middle of the baby’s face from the chin to just below the nose.  They then procured the brain through the face.  The child’s heart started to beat.  I don’t know how many times I need to type this statement for it to resound in everyone’s heart about what has been going on at Planned Parenthood.  This is pure madness.  This is evil.  No wonder the media is doing everything to keep this as low key as possible.  Watch the video below if you haven’t seen it yet.

The media, however, hasn’t been very successful.  The video along with hundreds of conservative blogs have already gone viral this morning.  The liberal media is still trying to do their best.  Take a moment and look at your Facebook trending bar.  Go ahead; check it out.  There is no surprise that Planned Parenthood is first on the list because everyone is either watching or reading about the latest video.  Now, click on the link from the trending bar.  What do you see?  The top statement to pop up is:

Planned Parenthood is accused of selling fetal tissue by anti-abortion activists. Investigations into the organization in multiple U.S. states show no criminal evidence, The Guardian reported.

Do you see it?  It immediately defends Planned Parenthood.  Now, click on “Latest Posts.”  Do you see a link to the video, or perhaps one of the blogs that have received fifty to one hundred thousand likes and shares denouncing Planned Parenthood?  No.  No you don’t.  At the top of the list are two posts from Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page reminding us that abortions make up only 3% of all services rendered from their organization.  I’m sure this will change as the day goes on.  There is only so much Facebook can do to ignore the numbers coming in.  So, am I implying that Facebook is editing their trending bar so that it doesn’t reflect what people are actually talking about?  That’s exactly what I am saying.  Facebook is part of the liberal media machine, and they will continue to do their part whenever possible to quiet this little rebellion.  It’s their job to do so.  At least so they think.

Let’s talk about this mysterious 3% we see popping up all over the place.  We’ve all seen it.  People who continue to defend Planned Parenthood love telling everyone that abortions only make up 3% of all the services offered to women.  Now, that is some classic number manipulation there.  In fact, it’s borderline impressive how many people believe it.  And you know what?  It’s probably true when you look at it the way Planned Parenthood looks at it.  But here’s the catch.  When a woman goes in for an abortion, it is routine for that woman to receive other services as well.  For example, in one visit a woman can receive an STD test, anemia testing, cholesterol screening, diabetes screening, physical exams, including for employment and sports, flu vaccines, high blood pressure screening, tetanus vaccines, thyroid screening, and other screenings and tests.  Then, a Planned Parenthood counselor could possibly talk to the woman about quitting smoking, cervical cancer, breast cancer and breast cancer screenings, relationships, birth control, menopause, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, NuvaRing, tubal sterilization, outercourse, Nexplanon, fertility awareness, body image, sex and sexuality, sexual orientation, Femcap, and many other issues.  Now, it is unlikely that a woman is going to sit there and listen to all of this information before receiving an abortion, but it is normal to be exposed to several of these “services” on every visit.  And, if a women has a basic wellness exam, Planned Parenthood can include about ten to fifteen different services within that one exam to plush the numbers.  The bottom line is that the 3% stat is meaningless.  A woman can go to Planned Parenthood to have an abortion, and the actual abortion is indeed 3% of all the “services” she received that day.  Do not be fooled by number and statistic manipulation.  Planned Parenthood makes their money on abortion.  It is an abortion machine.  And now over the past couple of months we have discovered they make money harvesting organs and tissue from dead babies as well.

So, as you continue to grow tired of this issue, there is a group of pro-lifers that are becoming stronger every day.  Folks are picketing Planned Parenthood facilities and writing their people in the House and the Senate demanding Planned Parenthood be completely defunded.  And yes, if it means shutting down the government (which is nothing more than a paid vacation for government workers), then by all means do it.  This battle has raged on long enough. It is time to take a victory.

I’ve been watching the Republican candidates very closely.  I am well aware that a lot of folks do not take Donald Trump seriously.  And, I can understand the arguments.  Nonetheless, the man has single handedly beaten down political correctness like no other person in the spotlight I have seen.  He truly doesn’t care, and I think that’s why he is still leading the GOP presidential polls (by a large margin in many cases).  In fact, he is getting dangerously close to Hillary Clinton in the general election polls.  However, I am still uncertain how seriously he is going to take the pro-life movement.  Trump says he is pro-life, but unfortunately his money has not always been where his mouth is.  I like what Donald Trump is doing, but he will never receive my vote unless he can prove that he is serious about ending abortion in this country.  The pro-life movement desperately needs leadership in the White House, and I question if Trump is indeed that leader.

I’ve been watching Senator Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson very close lately.  Both men seem to be a rock on this issue.  In fact, Cruz said in the first debate that if he became President he would immediately launch a federal investigation into Planned Parenthood and their illegal activity.  I am embarrassed for President Obama that he has not done so.  I don’t agree with everything Carson and Cruz are saying, but I like where their heads are at on this issue.  And that’s how it has to be done.  What’s most important to you?  Then, decide which candidate represents your belief on those issues the best.  For me, defunding Planned Parenthood and banning abortion entirely is a top priority for me.  Trump has a long way to go in this area as far as I’m concerned.

Continue to pray.  This battle will not be won without prayer.  And whatever you do, do not grow tired of the issue.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  This cultural war has been raging since the early 1970’s, and the pro-life movement has never had a better chance of protecting the innocent children of this country then right now.  Vote pro-life, and remember to continue to talk and pray about this subject.  The media will be more than willing to let this slide into the darkness of forgotten stories.  I, however, will not.  And you shouldn’t either.  Expose this evil, and stay the course.  Victory may come when it seems that all hope is lost.  God bless.