Strike While the Iron is Hot

Now is the time to fight back against the abortion industry. Will you join in?

I absolutely love the game of soccer.  I started playing when I was young, and did quite well with it through my high school years.  There is one match from my youth that I particularly remember with great distinction.  In my local county, AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) was king and had little competition from any of the other youth leagues.  I was twelve years old and played for a very good team, which of course made it even more fun.  The other team we were playing on this circumstantial day was in last place.  Before the match reached halftime, my team was up 4-0.  Now, here is where the trouble started.  Our head coach preached often about sportsmanship, and never believed in running the score up on other teams.  Ok, fine.  This time, however, it came back to bite us.  We only had four bench players, so coach sent all of them in to replace our better players for the duration of the second half.

The other team scored.  No substitutions.  The other team scored again.  Nothing.  In a matter of ten minutes the score had become 4-3, and our coach obviously had no intention of sending his starters back onto the field.  If he was trying to teach us a life lesson, I had a hard time grasping what the lesson actually was.  Let the other team fight back and possibly win?  Doesn’t sound abundant with intelligence.  To make a long story short, we lost the match and the coach actually congratulated us at the end for being such great sports about it.  Huh?  I was devastated.  Not only did we lose the match, but we lost our perfect season as well.  And for what?  To help a team with lesser talent not feel like losers?  To this day I don’t understand why you can’t be full of sportsmanship while simultaneously crushing your competition.  I’ll tell you what I did learn that day.  If you let off the gas and give up on your momentum, then you allow that ray of hope and light to infect your competition; allowing them to believe they have the upper hand.  A disastrous mistake to make, I feel.

However, I’m starting to feel like that is exactly what we are doing right now in this country.  Whenever conservatives start to get the upper hand on any particular issue, we as a whole allow the liberal media and politicians to infiltrate our emotions; convincing us that we are mean spirited and want to shove our beliefs down the throats of Americans.  Therefore, a lot of us start to ease up on our rhetoric.  It works; especially for the GOP.  I can literally see the worry on their faces as they walk on eggshells with every social issue that is discussed in their company.  I can see the stress that they have impeded upon themselves to be nice and kind in all that they say and do.  I can see the fear they possess that the American public may disown or even, heavens forbid, dislike them for who they are and the beliefs they represent.  I see all of this daily on the faces of Republican politicians, and it is absolutely making me sick to my stomach.

By now, many of you know a lot of the details surrounding the Planned Parenthood controversy.  A fourth video has emerged, and it is probably the toughest one to watch.  In the video the undercover buyers are actually shown intact organs and tissue from aborted children that has been procured for sale.  Take a moment to watch this video if you can.

Now, the liberal media is doing everything under the sun to downplay this as normal day to day activity.  They do not discuss any of the videos without stating first and foremost that the videos have been “heavily edited.”  They are doing everything in their power to indirectly discredit and destroy the validity of the videos, while interviewing Planned Parenthood representatives to make sure their side of the story trumps these allegations as quickly as possible.  Then, of course, they throw out the “Cecil the Lion” story to try and distract everyone from this insanely important story.  Do not be fooled.  Do not allow the media and politicians to stray your attention away from the evil at hand.  Do not let off the gas.  Planned Parenthood, as shown in the video, is literally sifting through human debris (you can easily see eyes, hands, feet, legs, arms, and heads in the video) caused by an abortion to do their best to retrieve organs that can be sold for research; which is very illegal.  They are using our children to fuel science experiments.  Our children.

And the worst thing about all of this is the lack of action from our elected representatives.  My wife said something to me the other day that resonated loudly with me.  She simply said, “How is no one in jail right now for this?”  That, my friends, is an excellent question.  Twenty years ago our elected officials would have taken a flamethrower to Planned Parenthood, defunding them almost immediately after seeing the kind of proof that has been given to us.  However, in our current political correct state, we actually have people defending Planned Parenthood for what they are doing.  Defending them!  The politicians want to tread lightly on this one.  They don’t want to ruffle too many feathers.  Republicans have a majority in the Senate and in the House because of us and they have done nothing with it except squabble and bicker amongst themselves for a piece of the power grab.  I cannot in words describe my disappointment and utter anger.  Where have all the real men and women gone that use to serve this country with conviction and courage?  I sure as hell see very few of them around these days.

Nonetheless, there is a movement growing to take down Planned Parenthood’s funding amongst the citizenry.  We must all join in right now, because we may not have another opportunity like this.  I’m not talking about just defunding Planned Parenthood; I’m talking about taking the whole abortion industry down to its knees and terminating it within our borders.  We cannot let this moment slip us by.  Call and email your representatives today and make sure they know that they will never receive your vote again unless they re-activate their backbone and do something about these horrific happenings in our country.  Click here for a list of phone number and email addresses.

Now is not the time to be timid.  Now is not the time to put in your substitutions.  Now is not the time to act with sportsmanship as your foundation.  Now is not the time to let off the gas.  Now is the time to crush and defeat this evil and send it back to the underworld where it belongs.  Leave no doubt.  If we solely rely on our elected officials to take the reins on this one, we will fail in our mission.  I assure you that.  Share and post as much valid information on these atrocities that you can.  Get your family involved.  Get your friends involved.  If we can get enough momentum going we might just be able to knock the wheels off the abortion train.  Remember, evil will never go away.  It has to be beaten down by prayer and action.  Become a soldier today, and fight for the lives of our innocent children.  Do the right thing.  Do not turn your head away from this, because the blood is on all of our hands; especially if we remain silent and dormant.

Strike while the iron is hot.