Why Do We Hate the Rich?

Why do we hate the rich in America? Read here to find out.


entrance of a white mansion with the sky at the background

My wife and I love to look at houses.  We are the people driving ridiculously slow in front of your driveway, trying to catch a glimpse in the window.   I’m sure it is annoying, but what’s an addict to do?  We want to build our own house soon, so we find ourselves looking at large tracts of land throughout the area as well.  I can assure you, western North Carolina does not have a shortage of glorious homes and beautiful properties.

What is it we’re looking for?  Lots of things really: property layout design, front porch ideas, vinyl siding colors, foundation styles, rock work, privacy barrier scenarios, and many other things.  Many of the roads and neighborhoods we explore in our area include some outstanding and expensive homes.  I know the general idea is to collect as many ideas and options as possible, but my mind usually wanders off to try and grasp the larger issue at hand.  What the hell do the people that live in these outstanding homes do for a living?  I mean really?

We, as a society, hate the rich.  Many of us in this country believe there is a growing disease of greed spreading rampant among our wealthier citizens; their number one goal being profit above people. Are there greedy business owners among us?  Absolutely.  Are there people who never give back to their community or were simply handed an inheritance?  Of course.  These instances do not represent all wealthy people in this country, however.    The real disease in this country is the liberal media; the Taylor Machine.  It’s a machine that is fueled by untruths in order to support an agenda.  A large part of that agenda is to separate us as a united citizenry: black versus white, woman versus man, illegal alien versus citizen, and of course one of their favorites, rich versus poor.  In every instance a victim is falsely created to ensure that someone stays offended or is treated unfairly.  The result is the Democrats stepping in as saviors to help and protect those of us that are supposedly treated unfairly by the system; a system rigged in favorite of the wealthy.

The goal is simplistic; convince the country that it is unjust for some people to have so much while others have so little.  It’s working, especially among the younger generations.  The Taylor Machine, stronger than ever, has literally divided us as a nation; painting a picture of America as a pyramid scheme where it is absolutely impossible for anyone on the bottom to rise from the depths of despair.  They have young folk believing that if you own a business, you must be swimming in money.  This, put plainly, is a lie.  In fact, many small business owners are the last to get paid within their company every other Friday.

It’s so easy to become envious of what other people possess.  We, as humans, think we know about other people’s lives and how easy they must have it.  The truth is most of these people were never handed anything.  We have all read about the habits that wealthy people have compared to those that dwell in the middle class: working out consistently, reading daily, limiting television viewing, taking larger risks, refusing to remain comfortable, awakening early in the morning, investing instead of working, and learning instead of earning.  These habits should be duplicated; not mocked.  My wife constantly tells me that if you do something that you are passionate about, the money will eventually come.  I think there is a lot of truth to that.

Wealth is indeed growing among the already wealthy.  I’ve read the same reports you have about how the top 1% earners in this country are worth equivalent to what the bottom 150 million people are worth.  On the surface, that sounds incredibly unfair.  But isn’t life unfair?  What will be gained by taking wealth from the rich and distributing it to those that do not have it?  If our government suddenly doubles taxes on the rich, will you get a check in the mail?  Of course not.  It will be squandered.  If you do not have healthy financial habits already, then suddenly receiving a large amount of money will not help you to form these habits.  There are many sad stories out there about lottery winners; they simply were unprepared to deal with that kind of money.  If you’re waiting for what is due to you to come in, you might be waiting for the rest of your life.  The wealthy, many starting with nothing, went out and got it.  It truly is the only way you will respect and appreciate wealth.

Most Americans are afraid of the same thing; failure.  Those around you or on your television screen that you consider successful all failed at some point; and they probably failed big.  Failure isn’t something to be feared, but should instead be embraced and learned from.  Most of these folks courageously took on their inner fears and risked everything to follow their dreams.  If someone chooses to work eighty hours a week following their dream while the rest of us are at the local pub, then what right do we have to try and tear them down?  I assure you many people told them along their journey that they wouldn’t succeed.

And how do the liberal media treat these people that have made the necessary sacrifices for success in their life?  They accuse them of greed.  They accuse them of theft.  They accuse them of white privilege, which is without question a myth.  I think someone forgot to tell Jackie Robinson about white privilege in this country.  I don’t think he would have cared anyways as he became the first African-American to play professional baseball.  Liberals in this country want nothing more than the total destruction of capitalism.  If people stop believing that they can provide for themselves, then the liberals can easily convince these people that they need the government in order to survive.  Liberals do not want poor people to become rich.  They need them to remain poor so that they continue to feel as though they have been cheated by the system in some way.  They need them to continue to vote for Democrats who claim to have their best interests in mind.  They need them to believe that $15 an hour for flipping burgers is justifiable.  They need them to continue to hate rich people so that their victimization can be used as political leverage.

Most of the wealthy people that I have had the privilege of knowing are absolutely wonderful human beings.  They will take up their own time to share success tips and stories and to help anyone who is willing to work for their own success.  Most of the wealthy people I know are extremely charitable, giving time and money to those less fortunate than them in their communities.  Perhaps many of them had better opportunities than us, but the fact that they took advantage of those opportunities speaks volumes for where they are today.

We, as human beings, have a choice.  We always have a choice.  We can decide to envy and despise what other people have built for themselves, hoping that our elected officials will somehow “right the wrongs.”  That is no way to go through life.  We can tear down the wealthy and take away as much of their money as possible, but that will never improve your life.  If you choose to sit on the couch and complain about how unfair life is, there is a good chance you’ll be sitting on that same couch when it comes time to retire.  If you use your shortcomings, your status in life, or the color of your skin as excuses for not succeeding, then you are already losing.

The other option is to decide to invest in ourselves.  We should follow the example of the successful by using their habits; reading, working out, using a schedule, believing in ourselves and following our passions in life.  Remember, being successful doesn’t necessarily mean having the largest house on the block.  There are many avenues of success; try to find one that makes you most happy.  When I drive by these amazing houses, it’s not the size of the house or property that excites me, but the financial and mental freedom that usually comes with it.

The worst thing that could happen to liberal politicians in this country is for the citizens to realize that we simply don’t need them to create our own success.  We don’t need them to fight our fights.  We don’t need them to be happy.  Stop worrying about what other people have and what you don’t, and start working on what drives and motivates you.  You’ll be surprised at how impressed you can be with yourself.  If you put God first in all that you do, then you have already started down the right path.

We should not hate the rich.  We should try to immolate their courage, sacrifice, and success.  So start living your dream today.  It is never too late.